Hi, everyone! After enjoying the freakishly hot sun, we now return to rain. Perhaps we tend to forget, amid prospects of Summer, that the good old Yorkshire saying holds true: “Ne’er cast a clout, till May is out!” (A clout being an undergarment and extra layer of warmth I believe.) In that case, it should not have come as any surprise to me that the first weekend in May  was cold and rain-sodden. And I went camping in it. I was taking a break from storytelling and its lengthy preparations to attend a spiritual retreat in the beautiful surroundings of Lime Tree Farm, near Masham, Yorkshire.  http://www.limetreefarm.co.uk/

Some photos from my break in May
Some photos from my break in May

Cherry blossom


In the past, I’ve told stories here in the replica Iron Age roundhouse.

In the end, I personally found the teaching aspect of this particular retreat, a bit too heavy and preferred to find my own spiritual nourishment, walking around the trees, admiring strange flowers, appreciating the odd bursts of sunshine and – oh yes – dancing round the stone circle to my favourite music (in this case The Duckworth Lewis Method) on an MP3 player, though the earphones kept falling out with my twirling about. wild flowers I have to confess that the heavy rain and bone-creeping cold got me down.  I missed quite a few things – food that stayed hot, tea that tasted hot for longer than a minute, being able to walk down the road to familiar shops, my warm bed and hot running water!  Oh dear! Of course I put a brave face on but I was so glad to get back home and this is no detriment to the place or to the hard-working folk who organised the retreat.  It was a worthy cause, just I am a material girl – as well as a spiritual one! However, I would love to return to the place, as soon as I get: a) a driving licence and b) a VW camper van!  Oh yes!

However, I began to worry because I’ve been asked to tell stories for the Festival of Galtres, 2014 and.. it involves camping! But a good couple of hours catching the snatches of sun, listening to the birds tweeting and photographing bluebells,Bluebells in woods has made me hopeful I will survive.  As well as knowing I shall be in the good company of other storytellers and performance artists…such as Adrian Spendlow and Alison Morgan and in safe hands with Galtres,1006095_741169659250670_6706543320805770572_n who really are making what seems so far, to be a smashing job of publicising things. Lime Tree pond So with hope in my heart, I have to say – I reaffirmed what is important in life: looking forward with confidence, taking note of one’s surroundings and cherishing moments of peace – oh yes and dancing when the opportunity presents itself. I think I will be okay. What do you think about camping in the British summer?  Madness or optimism?  Do tell!Add Poll Add P




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